Handmade bricks crafted in the traditional manner, individually hand thrown creating bricks of enduring character and quality.

Handmade bricks have a special natural quality, often missing from mass production. At Northcot, genuine bench-molded handmade bricks are hand-thrown using traditional methods that give each brick a beauty and character of its own. Northcot handmade bricks are renowned for their subtle colours and texture. Coupled with their ability to blend in with the old, this makes them ideal for restoration work, and for creating beautiful and individual effects for new builds. They are the natural choice when an extra aesthetic dimension is required.

As well as traditional coal, red and sand-faced handmade bricks, Northcot also manufactures a unique range of semi-smooth handmade bricks. Both the sand-faced and smooth varieties are now available in genuine 68mm Southern Imperial sizes, in addition to 65mm and 73mm industry standard sizes. Non-standard and purpose made options are also available.