Blockley in Gloucestershire is the home of the Northcot Master Brickmakers. We have been quarrying clay and making bricks here for over 100 years. Our richly-coloured bricks are made by Master Brickmakers who between them have hundreds of years of experience in the highly skilled art of brick-making. The bricks they make are used in all types of building projects all over the country.

From our own quarry here in the Cotswolds, Northcot Master Brickmakers control every step of the process, from clay to kiln.

Northcot is one of the very few brickworks that still takes clay from the same quarry used over the centuries. That clay is thousands of years old. When fired in our traditional coal-fired kilns it produces an intense base colour and results in an exciting range of naturally-coloured quality bricks with an enduring finish. In addition to a broad variety of handsome genuine handmade bricks, Northcot makes elegant wirecut facing bricks and wonderfully textured reclaim bricks.

Our skilled craftsmen also create a wide range of matching Specials including bonding, bullnose, angle, cant, and Victorian old type bricks, brick slips, copings and cappings. Whilst Northcot is steeped in the rich traditions of brickmaking, it is also a modern family-owned company, using the latest technologies and production techniques.

Northcot observes the latest environmental standards and has been awarded ISO 14001 certification. Added to all of this is the Northcot passion for welcoming and serving our customers of all sizes and types, and for providing an individually tailored service to each and every one.