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What kinds of bricks does Northcot make and other questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bricks does Northcot make?
Our facing bricks are made from clay & fired in a traditional kiln. We make genuine handmade, wirecut & tumbled reclaim.
Where can we view completed projects?
The website displays projects and a colour selector section. The sales office has lists of projects near to you or alternatively we welcome works visits.
Do you make special brick shapes?
Yes, Northcot manufacture the full range of British Standard and non-Standard specials. Our Special shaped-bricks brochure is available upon request.
How many bricks will I need?
There are approximately sixty 65mm bricks per metre including a 10mm joint. British Standard requirements are that 5% should be added to your total quantity for cutting and waste.
Do you mix bespoke blends?
We can provide hand-sorted colour blends and additional weathering to your particular requirements.
Are Northcot bricks made in Imperial sizes?
We hold on stock various standard Imperial sizes and can produce particular sizes in both genuine handmade and wirecut assuming a reasonable quantity and a 6/8 week manufacturing time.
Do you match existing brickwork?
Yes - just email digital photographs - close-up for texture and at 1.5 and 3 metres for colour - with quantity required and average size will help to narrow the options.
Examining the incoming clay
How can we get a sample?
Sample boards and brick boxes are available on 48 hour despatch via carrier to your address.
What is the availability?
Most brick types are ex-stock. Manufacturing time and/or bespoke blends would be a maximum of 5/6 weeks.
Are Northcot bricks frost resistant?
All bricks manufactured by Northcot are frost resistant.
Haith Rumbling System that artificially ages bricks
A workman who hand packs bricks
What are the pack sizes?
Between 400 & 500 depending on size and type.
How many packs should be mixed on site?
We recommend mixing from 3 to 4 packs and from load to load.
What mortar do you recommend?
Generally a light buttery coloured mortar 1:1:6 (lime, cement, sand) above DPC (Damp Proof Course) 1:1:3 below DPC.
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