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You may not be aware of the full range of Special-shaped bricks that are available from Northcot. Bricks of special shapes and sizes are necessary to provide for changes in surface alignment, to top a wall or just for decoration. We have more than 80 different Special brick designs in our range. We manufacture the full range of British Standard and our own Victorian range in many different sizes. You will find a wonderful collection of interesting bricks, some shown here, that will add to the individuality of your building.

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There are over 80 different special brick designsAt Northcot we take pride in our specialist ability to match bricks from many parts of the country for renovations. Special bricks are also available for unusual designs, renovations, extensions and for new builds, in order to create an enduring and quality finish. 'Specials' are available to match most brick types and can be supplied in either Metric or Imperial sizes. To complete the range, along with pre-fabricated arches, we can also produce non-standard and special-shaped bricks as special individual items.

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