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Reclaim bricks are ideal for matching with older buildings

Reclaim bricks

A range with built-in maturity

Reclaim bricks are ideal for matching with older buildings, renovations or creating an instant mature look in a modern structure. Each range can be supplied as plain colours or with blacks and/or whites included. 65mm and 73mm sizes are available, either in full loads from the works or locally from a network of stockists.

An ideal solution for building an extension required to be in keeping with the existing property, reclaim bricks offer a good match and an instant solution at the fraction of the cost of obtaining authentic reclaimed bricks.

Unlike many reclaimed and second hand bricks, all Northcot bricks are rated F2 and as such frost resistant. Therefore, the high wastage element normally experienced with second hand bricks is not an issue when buying new, guaranteed Northcot products.

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